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Rihanna - S&M (Remix)(ft.Britney Spears) 绝对是这个了 请采纳

1.remember the name 2.if everyone cared 3.figured you out 4.too bad 5.gotta be somebody 6.leave out all the rest i have to cry for you,棒 ,, 女声 1.shut your mouth 2.sleigh ride 4.going under 5.burning 6.because ...

Hey Santa 播放 歌手:Kirsten Price 语言:英语 所属专辑:These Silent Nights

Sing You To Sleep - Matt Cab Baby take off your coat Tell me all about your day And if you feel a little stressed I can take the pain away If there's something that you're down about Let me be your confident I'll be the perfect...

This Is What You Came For -- Calvin Harris&Rihanna(歌手)


这首是不《can't get you out of my head》——Kylie Minogue

es rappelt im karton

丹麦电音女王玛蒂娜有首《forever》其中就有这段歌词是重复you and me forever,不知道是不是你要找的歌。

Skinny Love - Birdy Come on skinny love just last the year Pour a little salt we were never here My my my my my my my my Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer I tell my love to wreck it all Cut out all the ropes and l...

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