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英语改错 急

Dear Jin Jing. Your problem is (加上a) common one among middle school students.Maybe the following advices(改为advice) can help you. First in (改为of)all,believe in yourself . Your greatest problem is that you lack self---confi...

第一行:happening 改为 happened。由下文 a couple of days ago 判断出为过去时。 第二行:classmate 改为 classmates 。one of 后接复数名词。 第三行:正确。 第四行:poisonous 改为 poisoned。 get poisoned 中毒。 第五行:our 改为 their...

第二行especial改为especially,keep改为keeping 第四行was改为is,touched改为touching 第六行go to home中的to删去,work改为working, 第七行late改为later,so改为although, 第八行her改为his 最后一行which改为whose

1.have改为had 2.them去掉 3.their改为our 4.late改为later 5.is改为was 6.minute加s 7.How改为What 8.surprising改为surprised 9.do改为did 10.speak改为say 供参考

第一行 I-you

1. [an] exchange 2. i would [prefer] to -> like 3. single room [in] next term -> 删除in 4. often [held] parties -> hold 5. [made] much noise -> making 6. [that] disturbs me -> which 7. draw your [attentions] -> attention 8. i a...

第一行 invite~inviting 第一行 第二个your~my 第三行 little~few 第三行 subject~subjects 第三行 had~have 第四行 poorly~poor 第四行 them~it 第五行 去掉第二个to 第六行 that~which 第六行 good前面加a

My soccer coach retired in(去掉in) last week. I wanted to do anything(改something) special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better(改best) biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me s...

第一行 the~a 第二行 many~much 第三行 go后面加to 第四行 speaking~spoken 第五行 million~millions 第六行 Therefore~So 第八行 去掉been 第八行 asked~asks 第十一行 our~my 第十二行 wide~widely


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