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Stupid In Love - Rihanna Mm Stupid in love Ohhh Stupid in love Hmm Let me tell you something Never have I ever been a size ten in my whole life I let the engine running I just came to see What you would do if I gave you a chanc...

Cascada - Because The Night 要记得采纳哟~

Because The Night - Cascada

Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift drew looks at me 德鲁他看着我 i fake a smile so he won't see 我假装地摆出一个笑脸 但他看不出来 what i want what i need 我想得到是我正想要的 and everything that we should be 那我们本应有的所...


Through With You - Justin Rutledge I've got a plan To sing you back home To strike up the band And love you alone I've got a plan Silver the stars Golden the net Hey Hold on I'm not through with you yet Your mind is a book Your...

Ophelie 播放 歌手:Vanessa Paradis 语言:法语 所属专辑:Variations Sur Le Meme T'Aime Ophelie - Vanessa Paradis Oh j'aimerais tant Me noyer dans l'étan Comme ophélie Oublier le temps Me laisser glisser sans Penser l'oubli

Walk in the sun dj舞曲 点赞哦

If You Had My Love 播放 歌手:Jennifer Lopez 语言:英语 所属专辑:30 Stars: 90s 发行时间:2014-04-07

We Are One 专辑:We Are One 歌手:Kelly Sweet 来源:搜索页 作曲 : Serge John Colbert, Victoria Jane Horn, Mark Portmann 作词 : Serge John Colbert, Victoria Jane Horn, Mark Portmann Didn't need to ask 不需要问些什么 Don't know t...

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