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work hArD At Doing

work hard at sth. 努力在某事物上,是在某方面刻苦、努力的意思.加名词. work hard on doing. 固定搭配.致力于,加动名词.

只有work hard in sth (在某事上努力)例:work hard in English(翻译成努力学英语)

used to过去经常,以前常常(现在不做了) We used to go there every year. 我每年都去那儿。 He is not what he used to be. 他已不是旧日的他了。 be used to doing习惯于做某事 He’s quite used to hard work.(working hard) 他颇习惯于艰苦工...

be/get used to doing sth.表示习惯于做某事或习惯于某事,to是介词,后面要跟名词、代词或动名词.而used to do sth.则表示过去常常,to后跟原形动词. 如:Now he is used to getting up early. 现在他已经习惯早起了. He used to get up early. 过...

I think doing the housework can help me grow up and to be indepent. I work hard at my study so I can get better grade than before. I think I ...

意思是: 你努力工作,杰克,你在做什么 请采纳 谢谢

B get over 克服 原句是说:如果你喜爱你正在做的事并且努力,你将会克服困难/战胜难题并取得成功。 A get to 到达,弄清 C get on 上车,进行 A & C 都没有与difficult连接表达“克服困难”的意思。

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