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work hArD At Doing

work hard at sth. 努力在某事物上,是在某方面刻苦、努力的意思.加名词. work hard on doing. 固定搭配.致力于,加动名词.

只有work hard in sth (在某事上努力)例:work hard in English(翻译成努力学英语)

At that time I always make fried rice by my...regularly and finish doing our homework carefully....I believe if we work hard and have good ways ...

i hardly have time to do 我几乎没有时间去做(某件事、另外的) i hardly have time doing 我几乎没有时间去做(现在手头的事) “have a good time ”和“have a hard time”后接“doing sth.” 此外包括“have a great time”“have a difficult time...



B get over 克服 原句是说:如果你喜爱你正在做的事并且努力,你将会克服困难/战胜难题并取得成功。 A get to 到达,弄清 C get on 上车,进行 A & C 都没有与difficult连接表达“克服困难”的意思。

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